Laduree macaroons in Singapore?

the best to date

Did you know that Macaroons should be soft on the inside?

Many places that serve Macaroons here in Singapore, tend to have a ‘crisp’ bite throughout. And this shouldn’t be the case. So don’t let them tell you (even if they make up 99.9%) that this crispy texture is how it should be.

If you’ve tried those from Laduree, you’d know what I mean; for they’re the original creator of the French macaroon. And if you’ve not tried them, fret not.

Singapore’s version of Laduree – has arrived.

Located on the 2nd level of Orchard Central, jewels artisan chocolate showcases an array of dazzling ‘gems’; chocolates all decked up.

At first glance, I had thought it to be a cosmetics counter because of its brightly lit, geometric glass shelves showcasing artful ‘jewelries’. But as eyes scanned towards their purplish banner signalling chocolates, the mind leapt quick to direct the feet over.

As lunch was late (around 4.45pm), I had to fight with what little space left in my stomach… and so, I settled for a hot chocolate with chocolate shavings (option of marshmallows, too).

If you think it boring, think again.

For it was a 70% Guanaja from Valrhona. Not some cocoa powder, but in a form of a paste mixed with steamed milk! and the temperature served was perfect – it didn’t scald the tongue.

Menu wise: under the drinks section (can’t recall much now because I’ll be back there soon anyway), there were teas (Earl Grey, Peppermint, Passion fruit…), slush, coffee… under the chocolates section – oh, words just don’t cut it. Injustice, I’d say… you’ll just have to head over.

Anyway, I’ve digressed from the macaroons. I got 2 boxes of 6 macaroons home; one for a friend. Flavors available: butterfly pea bloom, black palm island salt, green tea, passion fruit, and raspberry – all generously filled with almond cream, and at only S$2/pc.

Being stuffed still, I decided on only one tonight, and it had to be the salted egg.

Why? Because just the thought of concocting these 2 flavors seemed unthinkable and unimaginable! who’d ever have think up such stark, contrasting flavors?

My personal verdict: awesome. I loved the savory flavors enveloped by the sweetness from the almond cream. And they sure didn’t stinge on the cream for it oozed when I bit into it. Heavenly.

And tomorrow, I’ll savor the rest.

[Bet I could still have these, if ever dentures are required. For they’re soft and wouldn’t hurt the gums.] 😛


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